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Learn how to make choices not from fear, anxiety or rebellion but from your true God given nature.


Live life intentionally with your true self at the center of every choice.

What is going to create a significant change that allows you to change your life forever?  It is not just trying harder.

Partner with me to rediscover your true self, find your personal strengths and develop the necessary skills to succeed.   

— Jeanne Sivertson




Learning to use your natural gifts enables you to come alive.

  • I’m really liking where this thought process is taking me. I can see some simple, but powerful opportunities to learn and grow. I’m feeling thankful and grateful for your help and coaching.
    M.S., Alaska, USA
  • I can honestly say that Jeanne is the kindest person I have met, she helped me with things I never thought I could overcome. She led me through a hard but very doable process at my own speed and equipped me with all the skills … I will forever be endeared to her.
    D.A., California, USA

New Release!

God Loves Food Doesn’t

Jeanne Sivertson and Alexa Sparkman designed this video to help you learn how to make food choices from your true God given nature.


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Personal Core Value Index Testing

This test is a revolutionary human assessment resource that provides a highly accurate description of your innate, unchanging nature. Learn more about yourself and your core motivational drivers than you ever have before!