Sivertson Life Coaching

Discover Your True Self in 30 Minutes!

Sivertson Life Coaching

Discover Your True Self in 30 Minutes!


“I’m really liking where this thought process is taking me. I can see some simple, but powerful opportunities to learn and grow. I’m feeling thankful and grateful for your help and coaching.”

- M.S., Alaska, USA

“…My path has not been a walk on the beach, but more like a jagged mountain path with many rocks, crevices, detours, and cliffs. To keep me from turning back, He (God) sometimes allows my path to diverge with others as they walk their own God appointed courses. It is in these times when I can hear the encouraging shouts of others calling me to higher places. “Come on up, the view is spectacular!” “You can see for miles!” I get it now. It was worth the trip! Jeanne is one of those persons. She has made herself available to God for this work. Jeanne’s Coaching techniques make doing the hard work of self-discovery both fun and practical. These techniques have been instrumental in assisting me in making some very hard, yet positive decisions. With her help, I have identified my true essence, as well as my defense mechanisms. Working with this knowledge, is enabling me on a daily basis to re-discover the person God designed me to be. In other words, by being aware of my defenses and being open to new God-given possibilities, I am allowing the sunshine of my youth to merge with the knowledge of my maturity… Jeanne is open, sincere and knows her stuff, which (I’m sure) is why I liked her from the first moment we met. Her extraordinary listening skills and her ability to shift focus to the heart of the matter, in a kind and subtle way, are some of her greatest strengths. I have worked with Jeanne in both group and semi-private sessions and have come to know that Jeanne has a gift and she is a gift.”

Frances Smith, Texas, USA

“I just wanted to thank you again. The group discussions during the workshop really brought clarity to the challenges I face dealing with the emotional component of hunger. The insights developed my awareness of the issues that cause me to want to use food as a distraction from my discomfort. The discussion of skills to effect positive change when I am aware of the discomfort, to choose a new path, was invaluable. You two (Jeanne & Alexa) are so gracious, everyone felt supported and appreciated throughout the workshop. You are a great blessing to the workshop participants. Thank you for sharing your ‘true selves’ with us.”

S.M., Texas, USA

“I can honestly say that Jeanne is the kindest person I have met, she helped me with things I never thought I could overcome. She led me through a hard but very doable process at my own speed and equipped me with all the skills … I will forever be endeared to her.”

D.A., California, USA

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